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 near Largo

The gym is beautiful! Coach Jen and Coach Ben are incredibly talented and it shows in the way they teach techniques. They truly care about their students, and make sure every one gets the help they need. There's nothing but good vibes from this place. You will not be dissapointed.

Katherine A.

Gracie Largo is an awesome choice for anyone looking to better themselves! I've been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for almost 2 years and it's made me a more confident person while also making great friendships with an awesome group of people. Coach Ben is a great instructor and breaks down high level techniques to where they are understandable to complete beginners. Gracie Largo has a wide range of classes that are going on all throughout the day. As someone who has trained at multiple BJJ/MMA gyms in the area, I cannot recommend Gracie Largo enough!

Mike R.

My son and I have taken many classes from Professor Ben and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience. He is extremely knowledgeable and one of the most active competitors in the area. You can’t go wrong choosing him as your mentor. As for Brazilian Jiu jitsu in general, it has been life changing for my sons confidence and demeanor and you can truly be a part of a family type environment. I highly recommend Gracie Largo.

Steve Freestone

 near Largo

I had been wanting to give BJJ a try and after losing my mother this past January, I came across this new location opening up and had a great conversation with Coach Jen. She said that I would love the classes and Coach Ben, and she was right!!! Coach Ben is now called my BJJ dad and ive learned so much from them in the time they have been opened and I've learned a new art that I can't get enough of! They break each move down so well, that its easy to learn. They have striking classes, fitness kickboxing, a weight room and the nicest place in town to get your roll on. So glad i found them to help me deal with the daily grieving of my mom, a new outlet has been found. They don't look at you like a number or try to push you through, they care and treat you like family! Come roll with us!

David M.

Master Ben is an amazing coach, teacher, motivator and inspiration in the gym and in life. If you get the chance to train with him I would highly recommend doing so. Jen among other things is a brilliant fitness coach she'll keep you motivated and you'll definitely see results. I highly recommend Gracie Largo to everyone.

Erik Mortensen

 near Largo

Professor Zapata and coach Jen are amazing instructors and really care about the development of their students. The location and the environment created are the cherry on top. I highly recommend it; if you’re looking to improve your jiu jitsu skills, learn self defense, get into shape or just looking to be a part of an awesome place with great teachers and students.

Dirson M.

Benjamin is a phenomenally talented and very technical jujitsu practitioner - if I lived in the area I’d be his student. If you live in the area I suggest you check out his new school.

Matthew Abad

 near Largo

Professor Zapata and Jen are very welcoming. From the moment you walk in and shake hands with them, they make you feel at home. Definitely recommend you go in and check out the facility. The school offers a variety of classes and times to fit just about any schedule! Outstanding!

James E.

Professor Zapata and Coach Jen are some of the finest individuals I know. Both have been a part of my Jiu Jitsu adventure from almost day 1. Coach Jen helped me drop 30lbs with her FIIT program and Professor Zapata has coach me through nearly every tournament I have competed in. I absolutely recommend this Academy and staff!

Going S.

Ben Zapata truly wants the best for those who work with him. He takes the time to slow down and help when you need it, He’s never embarrassed about silly questions, and he has a fantastic sense of humor. He’s someone who works hard everyday and is just as happy for you, no matter the effort you can give.

Quinn Bertucelli

Professor Zapata’s seminar I attended was excellent. World class instruction, easy to understand, great details, and a fun atmosphere. I highly recommend!

Jameson Fullick

Ben is a an amazing BJJ instructor/competitor/fighter. It is exciting news to hear that he has finally opened up his own gym. Anyone who has the privilege to train under Ben should know they are getting high quality BJJ training.

Jerm York

Great Instructors and world class training

Suraj Budhram

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